The Plushasaurus

Who is "The Plushasaurus"?

The Plushasaurus was having his life drained out in the years B.C. He was a strong Plush Dude living until now, year 2005.

Doesn't that mean he's going to die?

No, that just means he's weak, otherwise known as gentle.

Fishy Fish Fish

Who is "Fishy Fish Fish"?

He's a dolphin. He started the Plush Dudes Club (PDC) June 4, 2005

Fishy Fish Fish meets the Plusharaurus

The Great Race


Get Ready

The Tension is Incredible

They're off, and Plush Pup is off to an early lead!

Monsieur Bun is way behind!

Monsieur Bun makes his move!

Monsieur Bun Wins!!!!

The Announcement

Hurray for Monsieur Bun!