Monsieur Bun and Plush Pup are Checking the Weather

Checking the Weather

Looks like Plush Pup found Monsieur Bun's hiding spot!

Plush finds bun

It's ball time!

Monsieu Bun kicks ball to Plush Pup

Give me an adjective, Plush Pup! Plush? Good choice!


C'mon Plush Pup! Let's go get some ice cream!

Monsieur Bun Driving

Here we go!

Monsieur Bun Driving

Two Little Plush Dudes, Jumping on the Bed...

Plush Jumping

One Falls Off, but his Plushness Saves Him

Plush Falling

This is a Good Show!

Plush TV View Viewing

Plush Pup says "What are you listening to, Monsieur Bun?"

Plush Music

This isn't working out too well!

Plush Exercise